Write for Rights

Every year hundreds of thousands of individuals send letters to government officials persuading them to address human rights abuses around the world. These letters are sent on behalf of individuals who have been unjustly imprisoned for carying out their human rights. Such individuals include Amnesty's prisoners of conscience, human rights defenders, torture survivors, and communities at risk. Last year, over 3 million letters were sent through Amnesty International's Write for Rights campaign, and as a result, lives were changed. Moses Akatugba was released from death row in Nigeria. Prisoner of conscience Murad Shtewi was released by Israel, and prisoner of conscience, Liu Ping, was able to have a visit from her daughter. The power of written words are incredible, especially when they represent the beliefs of thousands. Write for Rights is one of the many ways Amnesty International creates tangible and necessary change around the world. 

Write for Rights in Amherst! 
Amnesty Amherst Teodora Del Carmen Vásquez

Amnesty Amherst is now writing for rights, and we need all the help we can get! Stop by our table at the Amherst Farmers' Market and sign a post card on behalf of someone who needs your support. Our chapter is currently sending letters on behalf of Teodora del Carmen Vásque, an El Salvadorian woman who has been sentenced to 30 years in prison for giving birth to a still-born child. Rather than being deemed a victim of pregnancy complications, Teodora was presumed guilty by the El Salvadorian court of having an "abortion". Teodora is from a poor family who could not afford the necessary legal team to represent her, and as a result, her trial was flawed and lacked due process. Amnesty Amherst is asking people to sign letters addressed to El Salvador's Minister of Justice, demanding Teodora del Carmen Vásequez's immediate release and the release of all other women incarcerated for preganancy-related complications in El Salvador.


Stop by our table at the Amherst Farmers' market, every Saturday from 10am-noon, to sign a letter advocating on behalf of victims of social injustice. Or visit amnestyusa.org


Every letter counts!