Join Amnesty Amherest! 

Amherst Farmers' Market

Weather permitting, Amnesty Amherst has an information tabel at the local Amherst Farmers' Market every Saturday from 10am-noon. Stop by and learn about the valuable work our chapter is doing and how YOU can get invovled. 

Monthly Meetings

Our chapter meets on the third Saturday of every month in the Amherst Room on the second floor of the Jones Library. Meetings are from 12:30pm-2:00pm and open to the general public. Feel free to stop by and check out what Amnesty Amherst is currently doing! 

Human Rights Day

Every year, Amnesty Amherst comes together with the local community to celebrate the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The official date of celebration is December 10th, commemorating the day on which the United Nations General Assebly adopted the declaration in 1948. Join us this upcoming Thursday, December 8th at the Jones Library, from 6-8pm, to celebrate the importance of protecting all human rights. 

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